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  For Students  

I help students find the heart of a song; the character, what the character needs to express, why, how they're going to do it, the obstacles, and so on. We dig deeply into motivation, methods, etc. to help the actor relate to the song with integrity and feeling.

Audition Preparation
I coach students for college auditions and for auditions for specific shows. I teach audition technique, how to take direction at an audition, and how to pick material. I specialize in rarely-done material specific to the actor and the role being auditioned for, arranging and transposing it if necessary to fit the actor's voice and needs.

Repertoire Building
I help students prepare a large book of unique audition songs in their keys, specific to them, for all purposes. I arrange them in everything from 8-bar excerpts to full songs, so that they are fully prepared for any audition situation they might walk into.

Not everyone can sing a music in the original keys. I can transpose to any key on sight while playing for the convenience of the auditioners and performers, and also write out the music in the needed key so that it can be played by others.